Fred Jackson to See Snaps Cut in Half in 2015

Fred Jackson won't be the team's No. 1 back in 2015. That job will belong to LeSean McCoy. However, Buffalo believes that Jackson is still a valuable asset and will benefit from seeing his snaps cut in half from last season.

Fred Jackson is the oldest running back in the NFL and last year he showed some signs of slowing down. Now, the Buffalo Bills’ coaching staff is looking at a way to keep Jackson fresh throughout the season.

Anthony Lynn, Buffalo’s Running Backs Coach, believes that the best way to keep Jackson effective throughout the season is to cut his snaps in half. Last season, Jackson played 563 snaps according to Pro Football Focus.

When asked about Jackson’s play in 2014 and how to keep the veteran fresh, Lynn said the following to The Buffalo News:

“I think he wore down a little bit at the end of the season,” Lynn said. “If we could take half of that off his plate, I think you’re going to see a fresher Fred Jackson and a more explosive Fred Jackson.”

Even with limited snaps, Lynn believes that Jackson’s presence on the team is important to the younger players on the roster.

“Fred’s a pro,” he said. “There’s not too many guys who can do what he’s doing. His intangibles, his preparation, his attitude … the way he approaches his job every day, it’s good for those young guys to see.”

LeSean McCoy is, without a doubt, the team’s No. 1 RB, but a fresh and healthy Jackson can still be a valuable asset to the Bills in 2015.  

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