Ronde Barber: EJ Manuel 'Scared to Deliver'

Ronde Barber believes that Jameis Winston is the exact opposite of EJ Manuel. Whereas Winston is fearless throwing the ball, Barber believes that Manuel is too timid and scared to deliver the football.

Ronde Barber spent 16 seasons watching NFL quarterbacks in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers secondary. Now retired, Barber spent time watching the Buccaneers’ top overall pick Jameis Winston during offseason practices. Barber appeared on CBS Sports Radio to discuss Winston and called the rookie “fearless.” From there, Barber compared Winston to the quarterback he replaced at Florida State, E.J. Manuel.

Here is what Barber said about the Buffalo Bills quarterback when comparing him to Winston (per

 “The guy that preceded him at Florida State, EJ Manuel, I did a couple of games of Buffalo over these two years that I’ve been working at FOX, and he is the other way. He’s timid. He holds the ball. He’s scared to deliver it when he needs to. This guy is the complete opposite, maybe to a detriment at times; he throws a lot of interceptions.”

Manuel, in the midst of a quarterback competition in Buffalo with Tyrod Taylor and Matt Cassel, practiced well during the team’s mandatory minicamp in the middle of June, but Barber’s assessment of the quarterback is fair. In his limited playing time (14 starts), Manuel has been guilty of everything that Barber stated.

To win this year’s quarterback competition, Manuel is going to have to show that he’s learned from his past mistakes. He’ll have the chance to show the coaching staff that he’s the man for the job at training camp and throughout the preseason. However, if Manuel continues to show the traits that Barber has seen, he may not start another game with the Bills or any NFL franchise for that matter. 

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