Polian: Tasker, Hull Merit HOF Consideration

Bill Polian believes that two other Buffalo Bills deserve Pro Football Hall of Fame consideration: Steve Tasker and Kent Hull.

Although they never won a Super Bowl, the Buffalo Bills of the late 80s/early 90s were a special team. Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed and Bruce Smith, four core players on the team, have been enshrined in Canton. Former head coach Marv Levy has also been named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and former general manager Bill Polian will join the group this August in Canton.

Polian, speaking on a conference call, was asked by Sal Capaccio of WGR-550 if he believed any other Bills deserved Hall of Fame consideration. The former Bills GM said he believes that two other Bills players deserve Hall of Fame consideration: Steve Tasker and Kent Hull.

"Those would be two that I go to immediately," Polian said on a conference call. "In my mind, Steve Tasker is the greatest special teams player certainly that I've ever seen in my lifetime.

"And obviously Kent Hull -- people in Buffalo know this to be true but I'm not sure it's widely known through the rest of the league -- was probably the most highly respected and, in many ways, feared player on the team. His word was law. He was the real life, living embodiment of what John Wayne played on the movie screen. So he carried with him a leadership mantle that far exceeded his incredible talent.

"I think those are two guys clearly that are deserving. The electors do what they do and I'm very fortunate to have benefited from that, but if you ask me who are the two guys from that group that deserve serious consideration, it would be [Hull and] Steve, because of his impact on the game in so many ways on special teams, whether blocking kicks, returning kicks, creating fumbles, making open field tackles, there was nothing on special teams that he did not excel at and made multiple, multiple Pro Bowls as a special teams player and obviously there's only one of those chosen in a given year. So that's an even greater honor than simply the Pro Bowl.”

Many consider Tasker to be the greatest special teams player of all-time. During his time with Buffalo, Tasker was named an All-Pro seven times and was named to seven Pro Bowl games as a special teams player. In 1992, Tasker was named the Pro Bowl MVP.

The NFL Network’s NFL Top 10 listed Tasker ninth on their list of players not in the Hall of Fame (WATCH HERE).  

Hull was Buffalo’s center from 1986-1996. In his career, Hull missed two career games. He made three Pro Bowl appearances (1988-1990) with the Bills and as Polian mentioned, he was known for his leadership on the field.

Both Tasker and Hull were named to Buffalo’s 50th Anniversary Team and can be found on the team’s Wall of Fame.

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