2015 Buffalo Bills Superlatives

The NFL has its own version of picture day when players get their head shots done. Some Buffalo Bills head shots led to the following superlatives.

Every year, NFL teams have their players get their head shots taken. It’s like an adult version of picture day. While uploading head shots to the Buffalo Bills roster page, some pictures caught my attention. Instantly, I started creating superlatives for certain players. While keeping in mind that I don’t have any writers and I’m not as funny as Jimmy Fallon, I present to you the 2015 Buffalo Bills superlatives:

Most likely to be confused for WWE Superstar John Cena

Colton Schmidt

Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny.

Most likely to be the adult version of Jerry Maguire’s step son

Matt Simms

Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?

Most likely to receive care packages from his mother at training camp

Alex Kupper

No doubt he’ll share the goodies with his roommate.

Most likely to send out a party invite to women only on Instagram

LeSean McCoy

I’m sorry, LeSean.

Most likely to be hiding a family of birds in his beard

D.J. Morell

It’s an impressive nest.

Most likely to know he’s getting paid soon

Marcell Dareus

No joke here. Dareus is going to be a rich, rich man very soon.

Most likely to take your lunch money

Cedric Reed

Seriously, just take my money.

Most likely to be Michael Strahan’s stand-in

Andrew Hudson

LIVE with Kelly and Andrew!

Most likely to be holding in a fart

Corbin Bryant

We’ve all been there, Corbin.

Most likely to have played Stuart on MadTV  

Matt Cassel

Look what I can do!

Most likely to respond to everyone with the phrase, “Yeahhhh, you did.”

Tyson Chandler

That look says it all.

Most likely to be the only person to ever get a promotion over beach chairs

Kurt Anderson

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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