Watkins: No Doubt We Should Win Division

Buffalo Bills: 2015 AFC East Champions? Sammy Watkins believes the Bills should win the division in 2015.

The Buffalo Bills haven’t won the AFC East since 1995, but Sammy Watkins believes that Buffalo should win the AFC East in 2015. In an article from the Buffalo News by Vic Carucci, Watkins says the following on his expectations for the team:

“Winning, playoffs, championship,” he says without hesitation. “We’ve got a great team and great coaches. I mean, there’s just no way we shouldn’t be in the playoffs or win a championship. I mean, with the team and coaches and staff that we have, and what they’re doing to bring us together, I think that there’s no doubt that we should win our division and be in the playoffs. It’s a problem if we don’t.”

This is certainly one of Buffalo’s most talented teams in a long time, so Watkins’ expectations aren’t ridiculous by any means. As for his personal expectations, Watkins realizes that the Bills have a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball and it could affect his stats. That doesn’t bother Watkins as long as Buffalo is winning.

“You never know,” Watkins says. “I might get a thousand yards this year, I might get 900. You just don’t know how it’s going to play out because we’ve got a great running back” in LeSean McCoy. “We’ve got Robert Woods. We’ve got Marquise Goodwin. We’ve got Percy Harvin. We’ve got Charles Clay. So many pieces that you don’t know who’s going to have the better year. You might have Percy with a thousand yards. And if we’re winning, that’s fine.”

Watkins clearly has his priorities in order as the Bills enter the 2015 season.

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