Incognito has Bills/Dolphins games circled

Richie Incognito is ready to face his former team in 2015. He's also making the most of his second chance.

Want to know exactly when the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins play in 2015? Ask Richie Incognito.

The Buffalo Bills offensive guard told the Zaslow and Joy Show on 104.3FM-The Ticket that he has those two dates, September 27 and November 8, circled on his calendar.

“When we play the Dolphins, you better believe those games are circled in red on my calendar.”

Incognito spent three and half seasons with the Dolphins before bullying issues arose in Miami’s locker room. Zaslow and Joy asked Incognito if he had any hard feelings towards the franchise and their players.

"Not one bit. I don’t have one hard feeling about anybody I ever played with in Miami,” Incognito said. “I still got a lot of love for those guys, a lot of respect for those guys, still got a lot of close friends on that team. What went down went down and it was a crazy time and things were said, but I really don’t have any hard feelings toward anybody."

Incognito spent a season and a half out of football but he had “no doubt” that he’d eventually get another chance in the NFL. Upon joining the Bills, Rex Ryan and the Pegulas told the offensive guard to “feel comfortable being yourself.” Incognito says he is very comfortable in Buffalo but he also stops joking around if he feels things are going too far.

“There’s definitely a part of me that’s conscious and, you know, when we get to joking and hooing and hawing, there’s part of me that says, ‘OK, it’s going too far. Let’s cut it back,’ but one really cool thing is I could be myself around these guys.”

Based on Incognito’s comment, Buffalo has been a good landing spot for his comeback. Realistically, this is Incognito’s last chance to prove himself in the NFL. Besides the bullying scandal, Incognito also had a reputation as a dirty player. Everyone will be watching the offensive guard this season to see how he plays, as well as how he behaves on and off the field. That said, Incognito seems to be making the most of his second chance. Rex Ryan recently named Incognito the team’s starting left guard for the 2015 season.

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