Bills promised to draft Revis back in 2007

The Buffalo Bills were one of four teams to tell Darrelle Revis they'd draft him back in 2007.

Darrelle Revis is entering his second stint with the New York Jets, but it turns out that Revis never expected his first stint to occur with the team. According to the cornerback, four teams told Revis they’d draft him if he was available. The Buffalo Bills were one of those four teams. Peter King shared the following on the 2007 NFL draft in his MMQB:

“Revis said that Minnesota, Miami (which took Ted Ginn Jr. ninth), Buffalo and St. Louis (which took Adam Carriker 13th) all told him they would select him if he was available.”

Buffalo passed on Revis and opted to draft running back Marshawn Lynch. The running back had back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons with Buffalo, but only lasted 45 games with the Bills before being traded to the Seattle Seahawks.

King also asked Revis about Rex Ryan. Revis said the following on his former head coach and Buffalo’s current head coach:

“He just blew me away,” Revis said. “You can just tell he was passionate about everything he said. You look at Rex now, he’s just a passionate dude. He’s confident. He believes in what he says. And I think having somebody’s word like that speaks volumes. To sit there and just be confident and stick behind your words. He does.”

Unfortunately for the Bills, it’s unlikely that the team will ever have the chance to reunite Revis with Ryan and make up for the mistake of passing over the cornerback.

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