Rex Ryan considered adding Mike Vick to Bills

Michael Vick is the best quarterback available on the market and some Buffalo Bills fans were hoping that he'd be added to the team's QB competition. It turns out that Rex Ryan considered the idea himself.

Many Buffalo Bills fans have suggested that the Buffalo Bills add Michael Vick to their quarterback competition. It turns out that the thought had crossed Rex Ryan’s mind as well. On Friday, Ryan told PFT Live that he considered adding Vick to the team and that he even spoke to the quarterback recently.

“I had a conversation with Mike,” Ryan told PFT Live. “Mike’s an outstanding athlete, he’s a tremendous person. I really enjoyed my year with Mike [last season with the Jets], and he’s great for a team. However, our conditions are a little different than most teams in this league. And Mike will tell you, he’s not built really for a bad weather quarterback.”

"You get the wind that we're gonna have in our stadium and the snow and all that stuff, that's not in his best interests," Ryan said. "And quite honestly, I considered it. We considered it. And I know that's not the spot for him.

Ryan wasn’t joking about Buffalo’s weather conditions. If you’ve ever attended a game at ‘The Ralph,’ especially in November and December, you know that a game could feature rain, sleet, snow, hail and gusty winds. The weather wasn’t a great fit for Vick’s skill-set or his small hands.

“He doesn’t have great big hands, and the weather affects him some. And he’d be the first one to tell you.”

Vick is likely to land with a team at some point in 2015, but it doesn’t appear that it will be Buffalo.

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