'Buffalo Got No Game' Cake angers Bills fans

Chrusciki Bakery in Western New York was asked to make a cake that featured Boston sports teams. The shot at Buffalo at the bottom has drawn the ire of Bills and Sabres fans.

SpyGate, DeflateGate… CakeGate?

When you work in the bakery business, you make a wide variety of cakes based upon the requests of customers. Sometimes you may even make cakes of things you don’t like. That may have been the case when Chrusciki Bakery of Western New York was asked to make a cake that featured Boston sports teams.

It sounds innocent enough. The bakery seemed proud of their work and featured the cake on Facebook and attached a link from their Twitter page.

Here’s a screen capture of the cake in question:

The cake alone is no big deal. Just because you live in Western New York doesn’t mean you have to like Buffalo sports teams. In fact, it’s a non-story if the picture just featured the cake. However, the bakery was apparently asked to also write a message on the cake board beneath. The message was the ‘icing on the cake’ for Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres fans:

Buffalo Got No Game

Sharing the cake on social media became questionable with said message on the bottom. We reached out to Chrusciki Bakery and received the following response:

"I am a Bills fan and a Bills season ticket holder. Our company has done numerous Bills and Sabres cakes over the years. We contribute to many local charities and events and are a big Buffalo booster. We do not discriminate against anyone and for any reason, including their team affiliation."

Whether or not the cake should have been posted to social media can be argued, but the bakery was just doing what was asked.

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