Marcell Dareus: Marrone 'seemed miserable'

When Michael Silver of NFL Network asked Marcell Dareus about Doug Marrone, the defensive tackle was brutally honest.

Tell us what you really think, Marcell Dareus.

The Buffalo Bills defensive tackle recently talked with Michael Silver of the NFL Network and was very open and honest about former head coach Doug Marrone. Matthew Fairburn of transcribed Silver’s comments from an NFL Network appearance.

"I asked him about the switch from Doug Marrone to Rex Ryan," Silver said Wednesday on NFL Network. "Doug Marrone decided to opt out of his contract. They got the news on New Year's Eve and Marcel Dareus said, 'We celebrated a little harder.' I said, 'Were you surprised?' He said, 'I'm surprised he didn't do it earlier. He seemed miserable.' I said, 'Well, could you elaborate?' He said, 'Things were tense. He was always anal and cared about little stupid things, micro-managed us.' I said, 'Well, give me an example.' (He said), 'What difference does it make if I don't have team-issued socks for practice, and what does putting on a sweater in a cold meeting room have to do with winning?'"

Buffalo may have finished the 2014 season with their first winning season since 2004, but it’s apparent that Marrone wasn’t popular among many of his players. Following his opt out (and $4 million pay day), Marrone landed an offensive line coach job with the Jacksonville Jaguars, while the Bills landed Rex Ryan.

Dareus’ new head coach is a lot different from Marrone. By the sounds of it, that’s okay with Dareus.

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