Manuel know he may be 'somewhere else' in '15

No one knows if EJ Manuel's time is coming to an end with the Buffalo Bills, but Manuel noted that all he can do is play well, whether it's in Buffalo or 'somewhere else.'

Is the writing on the wall for Buffalo Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel? No one can say for sure, but Manuel himself noted that his spot with Buffalo may not be safe in an interview with the Associated Press.

"At the end of the day, if I play well, it should take care of itself. Whether it's here or whether it's somewhere else, I don't know," Manuel said.

The ‘somewhere else’ statement is pretty telling. Manuel worked with the third string offense on Friday against the Carolina Panthers and will do so again on Thursday when Buffalo takes on the Cleveland Browns. When asked about playing with the third team offense, Manuel said the following:

"Nothing I can do it about it," Manuel said. "Of course I want to go with the ones, I want to go with the twos and things like that. But if that's not what coach has for me, I'll just roll with it."

Manuel has had his moments during training camp but he’s been the most inconsistent QB in the starting quarterback competition. There’s still time for Manuel for impress the coaching staff enough to save his roster spot, but it wouldn’t be a shock to see him ‘somewhere else.’

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