LeSean McCoy quizzed on his Buffalo knowledge

LeSean McCoy was quizzed on his knowledge of the Buffalo Bills and on the city of Buffalo itself by Maxim Magazine. See how the running back fared.

Maxim Magazine wanted to see how well star running back LeSean McCoy knew Buffalo. They put the Buffalo Bills rusher to the test against Bills super fan Dan Borowski in a trivia contest. Borowski asked McCoy questions about Buffalo, while McCoy quizzed Borowski on his own personal career. The trivia contest also involved a wager.

The stakes were high on the quiz. If McCoy won, Borowski would have to do participate in the hardest part of McCoy’s workout regime, and if Borowski won, McCoy would have to try his hottest wing sauce from his chicken wing company, Dan and John’s Wings. How did McCoy fare in the trivia contest? Watch below!

McCoy did pretty well, but needs to brush up on his chicken wing history. Weather called the contest, but hopefully we’ll get to see a following video where Borowski takes part in McCoy’s workout. 

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