Bills QB competition simulated on Madden

Saturday's game against the Steelers has a lot riding on it for Tyrod Taylor, Matt Cassel and EJ Manuel. One of the quarterbacks will win the starting job today. Dave Dameshek found another way to determine the QB winner: Simulate the competition on Madden NFL 16.

The Buffalo Bills quarterback competition is supposedly coming to an end on Saturday. Rex Ryan stated earlier this week that the coaches will know who the Week 1 starter is following Saturday’s game against the Steelers. Letting Buffalo’s quarterbacks prove themselves later today is probably the best way in determining who wins the starting job, but Dave Dameshek had an idea of his own.

On this week’s episode of The Dave Dameshek Football Program, Dameshek let Madden NFL 16 decide who should win the starting job for the Bills. He simulated a game with three minute quarters that saw Tyrod Taylor and the Bills take on Matt Cassel and the Bills. Whichever quarterback performed better would win the job. Dameshek did this with the Browns, Eagles and Texans as well. To watch his segment on the Bills, queue the video to 33:06.

While Dameshek and Bucky Brooks believe that Taylor should win the job for the Bills, it was Cassel’s team that won the simulation by a score of 3-0. 

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