Top 4 Bills QB Plays vs. Steelers

All three Buffalo Bills quarterbacks were great on Saturday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Among all of their plays, which four were the best? Here are my choices.

The Buffalo Bills have a quarterback! Actually, Buffalo may have three quality quarterbacks. Tyrod Taylor, E.J. Manuel and Matt Cassel have all performed well in the preseason and last night, the three quarterbacks put on a clinic against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. The each recorded one incomplete pass, but the trio finished 25 of 28 for 321 yards and two touchdowns passing and added another 26 yards and a touchdown on the ground. Since all three quarterbacks were successful, picking just four plays was not easy. Yes, I took the easy way out and picked three touchdown plays and at the end of the day, one of the quarterbacks did not make the list at all. With that said, here are the top four quarterback plays from the game against the Steelers.

4. Manuel to Clay touchdown

Manuel’s first touchdown pass of the game was a laser to new tight end Charles Clay. Somewhere along the play, a player in Pittsburgh’s secondary made a mistake and Clay found himself split between two defenders. Manuel hit Clay in stride and the play resulted in a 67 yard score.

3. Manuel connects with Tobais Palmer for a touchdown

Manuel’s second touchdown came in the second half and you could tell that the quarterback was oozing with confidence. The QB takes the snap and steps up in the pocket before throwing a beautiful pass that almost seemed effortless to Palmer in the end zone. Palmer had one-on-one coverage with safety Alden Darby and while the coverage was pretty good, Manuel was able to throw the pass in just above Darby’s hand. This pass easily could have been number one.

2. Manuel finds Chris Gragg on out route

A non-touchdown in the top two?! Yes, it’s true. This was Manuel’s most impressive throw of the evening, in my opinion. Manuel fakes the handoff and looks down the field for an open receiver. Defenders start pushing Buffalo’s offensive line back toward Manuel but the quarterback doesn’t panic. He simply stepped to his left and threw a perfectly placed ball between two defenders for a 27 yard gain on an out route. It was one of the best throws I’ve ever seen Manuel make.

1. Tyrod Taylor scrambles for 20 yard touchdown run

All three quarterbacks were extremely accurate on Saturday, but Taylor is the only quarterback who has the ability to pick up big chunks of yards on the ground. That’s not saying that Manuel isn’t mobile, but he’s no one where as talented of a scrambler/runner as Taylor. On Taylor’s final snap of the night, he waits until the defensive ends get into the backfield and he takes off down the field. He gets tripped on his way into the end zone but still finds a way to get in. All three quarterback have shown that they can pass the ball accurately, but no one can run like Taylor.

Disagree with the order of my choices? Feel like another throw should have made the list? Talk about it in the Rockpile forum!


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