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Karlos Williams changes jersey number

Is Karlos Williams making a jersey number change? It appears so, based on a tweet the Buffalo Bills running back made.

The Buffalo Bills still need to make a few more roster moves to officially get their roster down to 53 players but the team has made quite a few cuts in the last week. With the cuts, Buffalo suddenly has quite a few jersey numbers available. It appears that Karlos Williams is ready to pounce on one of them.


Williams currently wears the number 40 for the Bills. Running backs in the NFL can wear jersey numbers ranging from 20 to 49. Currently, Williams could choose from the following numbers:

22, 29, 31, 38, 41, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

Technically, 32 and 34 are available, but the Bills don’t issue these numbers due to the legendary players who wore them. Williams wore number 9 at Florida State, but that’s not an option for the running back in the NFL.

Could number 22 be an option for Williams? The running back is currently 22 years old and scored 22 rushing touchdowns in his career with the Seminoles. Fred Jackson wore the number until his release, and while he had a fine career with the Bills, the number will certainly be issued again.

UPDATE: I can confirm that Williams will NOT be wearing number 22. He'll be combining his two favorite numbers for his next jersey number.

UPDATE TWO: Karlos Williams has officially changed his number to 29.


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