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Bills had reasons to part with Matt Cassel

The Buffalo Bills had plenty of reasons to part ways with Matt Cassel.

Veteran quarterback Matt Cassel was among Buffalo’s releases on Saturday. Around the NFL, the move may have been a surprise but it wasn’t a major shock to Buffalo Bills fans. Cassel didn’t do anything wrong during his very brief stint in Buffalo, but there were many reasons why the release made sense. The top two reasons are money related.

Frees up money for Marcell Dareus

Buffalo wants to get an extension done with Marcell Dareus before the start of the season.


Releasing Cassel freed up $4.75 million in cap space for the Bills. That’s quite a bit of money for Buffalo to use towards a deal for their defensive tackle. Cassel wasn’t the only release who freed up money for the Bills.


Now, Buffalo can lock Dareus down and make him the NFL’s latest $100 million dollar man. The defensive tackle is worth every penny.

Didn’t outperform any quarterbacks in preseason

Tyrod Taylor was the best quarterback for the starting job after showing the most consistency during training camp and the preseason. Keeping a backup on the books for almost five million dollars was possible, and there were some people in the organization that wanted Cassel to stay, but EJ Manuel’s play helped the Bills justify cutting Cassel.

While you could make the case that Cassel didn’t get enough series, Taylor and Manuel both had strong preseasons.

Matt Cassel

13-of-15, 83 yards, 1 rush, 6 yards

Tyrod Taylor

24-of-31, 236 yards, 11 carries, 108 yards, 1 rush TD

EJ Manuel

20-of-30, 358 yards, 4 TDs, 4 carries, 14 yards


Cassel was efficient and accurate in his four series with the Bills, but Taylor and E.J. Manuel were terrific for long stretches of time on the field.

Offensive fit

With Taylor starting, Buffalo’s offensive playbook can really open up. Taylor proved that he could succeed as a pocket passer but he’s also dangerous as a rushing threat. Taylor’s mobility gives Roman the ability to incorporate the read-option, as well as scripted runs. If something were to happen to Taylor, all of these options would be lost with Cassel under center. While no other QB on the roster is as athletic as Taylor, Manuel could at least incorporate some of these concepts at quarterback.

Cassel is still a quality veteran, especially as a backup, but his style of play is a complete 180 from Taylor’s style.

No Taylor sabotage

Last year, Bills fans saw Doug Marrone bench EJ Manuel four games into the season. After finishing the season 9-7, you could argue that it was the right move, but Marrone stunted Manuel’s development by pulling him off the field.

Having a reliable game manager like Cassel waiting in the wings could have led to a déjà vu type of scenario for Bills fans in 2015. Instead, Taylor is going to get the chance to take his lumps on the field and probably won’t be in danger of being benched, especially only four games into the season.

Another team will quickly add Cassel to their roster, but there were plenty of reasons why Buffalo parted ways with the quarterback.

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