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Is Tyrod Taylor really the worst Week 1 QB?

No surprise, national football analysts aren't ready to buy stock in Tyrod Taylor just yet.

Bills fans are used to having their spirits tempered as Opening Day at Ralph Wilson Stadium approaches. This year, Steve Palazzolo of Pro Football Focus can provide the rain for your Week 1 parade.

He has given Tyrod Taylor the dubious honor of #32 in his ratings of each club's Week 1 starting QB. He says of Taylor:

With just 128 snaps of regular-season action since entering the league in 2011, we don’t really know what to expect from Taylor in his first season as starter. He showed well in preseason, sitting in the pocket to move the chains and effectively picking his spots to use his athleticism as a runner. He’s a wild card on this list, though if the Bills defense is as good as we think it is, caretaker of the football will be Taylor’s most important job this season.

He's certainly correct to point out Taylor's lack of meaningful snaps in regular season games. It would also be fair to mention that Taylor wasn't your prototypical pro-style QB coming out of Virginia Tech in 2011. Yet, ever since Rex Ryan announced Taylor as the starter, Bills fans have been itching to see Greg Roman scheme Taylor to success.

Dread over the QB position turned to excitement in August as all three quarterbacks (Taylor, Matt Cassel, and E.J. Manuel) showed marked improvement in their time running Roman's offense. What made Taylor stand out was his mobility, which may provide an added dimension to a ground-focused attack centered around LeSean McCoy.

Taylor must continue to display effectiveness in using the downfield passing game to balance the rushing game. He showed flashes of that in the 2015 preseason. It's one thing to find the open receiver against base defenses, it will be another to sniff out the wrinkles opposing coaches will throw at him from Sunday forward. If he can make that transition, Taylor's profile would likely rise among analysts.

Is it fair that PFF ranks him at #32, behind QB's such as Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown who have failed to impress given multiple starting gigs? Perhaps. But one can imagine that a solid performance on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts would shake that up a bit.

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