Christie pulls groin; is something fishy?

It seems awfully fishy that Steve Christie pulled his groin on Wednesday in the midst of one of his worst kicking slumps ever. There was no sign that an injury occurred during the afternoon practice. But a day later, Buffalo signed kicker Jake Arians, last with Atlanta, to their practice squad, while putting Reggie Allen on the practice squad injured list with ankle damage.

Arians can be activated if Christie is not able to kick, but Buffalo would have to release someone from the 53-man roster. 

Running system in place

Left tackle Johns Fina thinks the Bills will be able to run the football better than any year during the Joe Pendry era and he says it's because the team has a system in place to do so. Like Rob Johnson, Fina thought Pendry's offense was a ridiculous mish-mash of plays.

More on Jones

Prior to Henry Jones' surprising release, Buffalo staffers had heard that a big name was going to be cut from the team. Who would have thought it would be Jones, who played with the Bills' first team throughout the preseason? There were no indicators. Jones will get picked up this season when a team suffers an injury to its starting strong safety. I'm sort of surprised that the Jets haven't made room for him. Ted Cottrell loved the way Jones played, but then again New York has ninth-year veteran Victor Green, who has 21 interceptions during his career – including 11 the last two seasons.

Young roster

The 2001 Bills comprise the youngest Buffalo roster over the last five seasons, with average NFL playing experience dropping from 4.2 years in 2000 to 3.2 years. There are 37 players in their first three NFL seasons as compared to 27 last year. There are 19 players in their first year with the team – a stunning 36 percent.

Holecek, Rogers won't start for Chargers

John Holecek and Sam Rogers are second-teamers in San Diego. Holecek is behind third-year middle linebacker Orlando Ruff and Rogers behind ninth-year strongside linebacker Gerald Dixon. Rogers flourished as the weakside linebacker in Buffalo's scheme last season, collecting five sacks, but he has been switched back to strongside linebacker, playing over the tight end. Rogers played there from 1998-2000, but in the past he has said he enjoys playing the weakside more where he can operate in space. That's a problem in San Diego, however, because Junior Seau is the Chargers' weakside linebacker.

Now with RDE Marcellus Wiley out three to four weeks with a stress fracture, the only former Bill in the starting lineup will be Doug Flutie. It's not Buffalo Bills West after all.

One other note, cornerback Thomas Smith refused to sign with John Butler's Chargers, instead opting for Bill Polian's Colts. Butler even drafted Smith in 1993.

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