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The Buffalo Bills placed Lou Saban on the Wall of Fame on Sunday.

The Buffalo Bills honored their AFL Championship teams on Sunday and also placed Lou Saban on their Wall of Fame.

Better late than never...

Those words could not be more true for the Buffalo Bills in regards to honoring their former head coach Lou Saban. On Sunday, the Bills honored their 1964 and 1965 AFL Championship teams and also had a surprise in store for Lou Saban's family. At halftime, the Bills inducted Saban into their Wall of Fame. Saban became the 30th member to be inducted.

Bills Team President Russ Brandon said the following on Saban being named to the Wall of Fame:

“I don’t think you can write the history of the Buffalo Bills without Lou Saban. The championships here in the sixties; the impact that team had on our community. They really set the foundation for the future of Buffalo Bills Football. It’s an honor to see he and his family celebrated here."

Buffalo News Sports' Twitter handle shared video of Saban's name being unveiled by the Bills at the half.


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