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Buffalo Bills WR Sammy Watkins played a big role in the team's win on Sunday over the Indianapolis Colts.

The stats didn't tell the story of Sammy Watkins' game on Sunday.

Following their Week 1 victory over the Indianapolis ColtsBuffalo Bills head coach was asked about Sammy Watkins not recording a reception. Ryan didn't sound too worried.

“I think sometimes it is going to be like that,” said Ryan. “Whatever the plan is…and you know quite honestly we were trying to play keep away a little bit from Indianapolis and you know had some more underneath throws and things like that. I will say this he was open a couple times, but it’s just like gosh the protection broke down once or we would have had a 60 or 70 yard touchdown." 

Ryan later added, "Our thing is our focus is trying to win the game, whatever the means, however we can do that, to give ourselves the best chance that is what we are going to do.”

Now if you own Watkins in fantasy football, you're probably not too thrilled with Ryan's response and that's understandable. However, Rex, Watkins and the Bills probably care very little about your fantasy football team. What Ryan cares about is 'the plan' and yesterday, the plan involved Sammy Watkins being a decoy. Rob Quinn of BillsMafia.com tracked Watkins' routes:


Having Watkins run 16 go routes was no mistake. The Bills knew exactly what they were doing against the Colts. Indianapolis' best defensive player, Vontae Davis, was covering Watkins. By having Watkins run go route after go route, the Bills were essentially clearing Davis out. In addition, Davis also received safety help throughout the game. With Watkins running deep, he was taking two Colts defenders away from the play. That allowed Percy HarvinCharles Clay and Robert Woods to get open with relative ease against the rest of the Colts secondary. Darius Butler, Indianapolis' No. 2 cornerback on Sunday, was really exposed by the Bills. On Sunday, Butler allowed five receptions on five targets for 104 yards and a touchdown. 

Buffalo had a plan in place for Sammy Watkins on Sunday and the wide receiver did his job perfectly. It won't show up on the stat sheet, but Watkins played a huge role in Buffalo's win over the Colts. 

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