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Bill Belichick waged his own war of words as we prepare for his New England Patriots to visit the Buffalo Bills and their fans

We all expected Rex Ryan to entertain the masses this week as the Buffalo Bills prepare to host the Patriots. But what about Bill Belichick's cryptic statement? Let's break it down...

Rex Ryan is the coach of the Buffalo Bills, and the New England Patriots are coming to town. Therefore, we all expected some bulletin board worthy trash talk to emerge out of One Bills Drive. What we didn't expect is what Bill Belichick fired back in response. Here is the statement I'm alluding to:

This is more than simple trash talk. It indicates what we expected about how the Patriots intend to play the Bills this Sunday. 

Score Early, and shut up the Buffalo fans

Bill Belichick intends to score early against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium this Sunday. Nothing quiets an NFL stadium faster than an aggressive drive that ends with 7 points on the opponent's scoreboard.

Keep Tyrod Taylor in the pocket, and take his legs out of the game

Tyrod Taylor's footwork is a big reason he wasn't sacked against the Indianapolis Colts last week. Expect the Patriots to keep him in the pocket as much as possible to limit his big gains as well as force him to throw more than 19 times in this game.

Shut down the Bills ground game

The Patriots will work to contain Taylor on passing downs so he can't beat them with his feet, and those same formations could work well to stifle the Bills run game. This is no easy task, as the Bills have a multifaceted weapon in LeSean McCoy as a runner and receiver, and an emerging bruiser in Karlos Williams. As we saw with the Pittsburgh Steelers last week, it is possible to move the ball aginst the Patriots. But the Patriots made the Steelers do it on their terms, which resulted in a Patriots lead that never eroded.

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When Bill Belichick suggests he is in control over how loud the Buffalo Bills fans will be, you have to believe he's got a plan in place. He doesn't just make random statements; this guy is as calculated as it gets. Think about it: Bill Belichick has more rings than that pawn shop you passed last week on the way home. He didn't get those by just showing up. He got them by putting the ball in the hands of Tom Brady. He intends to remove the Bills home team advantage and keep his team ahead on the scoreboard, similar to how the Bills executed their gameplan against the Indianapolis Colts in week one. They've done it before. Will Rex Ryan allow him to do it again? 

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