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Buffalo Bills HC Rex Ryan said it'd take King Kong to cover Rob Gronkowski 1-on-1.

Rex Ryan said that the Buffalo Bills wouldn't be covering Rob Gronkowski 1-on-1 on Sunday. In fact, he mentioned that only King Kong could cover Gronk in that situation. Here's a tale of the tape.

On Wednesday, Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan said what we already knew… It’s going to take more than one Bills player to cover New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Ryan said the following on covering Gronk with one guy.


After seeing the quote, it had me thinking. How would King Kong fare against the tight end? Let’s look at the tale of the tape:


King Kong

Rob Gronkowski





25 feet tall



20 to 60 tons

265 lb.

Signature Move

Beats chest

Football spike


Age is a real red flag for King Kong. It’s doubtful that the Eighth Wonder of the World could keep up with Gronkowski at this point in his career.

Age edge: Gronkowski

In terms of height and weight, Kong certainly holds the advantage. His only chance of stopping Gronkowski would be jamming the tight end at the line. It’s unknown if Kong would be fast enough to get his massive hands in front of Gronkowski at the line of scrimmage. If Kong was able to do so, Gronkowski could suffer serious damage.

Height and weight advantage: King Kong

Athleticism certainly favors Gronkowski. John Hutchinson, a researcher at the University of London’s Royal Veterinary College, said the following about Kong’s athleticism based upon his height and weight:

“Given that Kong would be supporting his mass on two legs, I strongly doubt he’d be athletic at all. He might even have a hard time moving faster than a slow shuffle,” says Hutchinson. “In a worst case scenario, which is still quite likely, he couldn’t even stand. Kong’s appearance is basically that of a gorilla writ large; this is not what we’d expect from a giant gorilla. His dimensions, especially the robustness of his legs, should be much more extreme than a big male gorilla’s.”

Athleticism edge: Gronkowski

Last, there’s the intelligence factor. Gorillas are known to be rather intelligent and Gronk once said, “Yo soy fiesta,” which means “I am party.”

Intelligence edge: King Kong

This contest ends in a draw. Perhaps Ryan is onto something, but it’s doubtful that Kong and the Bills can agree to terms in time for Sunday’s game. There’s always Week 11 on Monday Night Football. 

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