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The Buffalo Bills Dominated The Colts, The Patriots Are Coming To Town, And Someone Gave Rex Ryan A Microphone. Twitter Reacts...

The Buffalo Bills have enjoyed a 1-0 start and lots of press thanks to Rex Ryan and their week 2 game against the Patriots. Here is how Twitter is reacting...

The Buffalo Bills are 1-0 after dominating Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts, and have become national media darlings (for now). Their next game is at home against the New England Patriots, who have generated their own media attention over the last several months, though only some of it is good. And in case you've been living under a rock or just got released from a Supermax prison, Rex Ryan is the Buffalo Bills coach, and someone put a microphone in front of him. As you could imagine, Twitter is reacting to the Buffalo Bills...

Jim Rome interviewed Kyle Williams

Mark Schlereth compared the 2014 Bills D to 2015

Adam Schefter brought us all some more #SchefterBreakingNews

Peter King poured us a glass of vintage censored Rex

JoeMcDonald reports that Pats DE Chandler Jones got a little salty (perhaps Rex is getting in their heads?)

ESPN Stats & Info shared some important details from Bristol, Connecticut

Tim Graham got all historical on us

Bills RB Anthony Dixon just loves his coach

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