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5 Buffalo BIlls predictions for Week 2 against the New England Patriots

Prediction: A Bills running back goes wild on Sunday... but it's not LeSean McCoy.

It'd be foolish to say that the Buffalo Bills Week 2 matchup against the New England Patriots is a must win, but this week will be a true test for the team. If Buffalo can knock off the Patriots, they'll be taken very seriously as not only an early playoff contender, but also a viable threat to the Patriots in the AFC East. With the game just a few days away, here are five Week 2 Bills predictions.

1. Sammy Watkins goes over 100 yards receiving

Watkins will go from zero to 100 in Week 2. After being used as a decoy against the Colts, Watkins is heavily involved in Buffalo's offense against the Patriots. New England's cornerbacks, Malcolm ButlerTarell Brown and Bradley Fletcher, leave a lot to be desired. Here's a look at how all three fared against the Steelers in Week 1:

Butler 10 receptions allowed, 151 yards, TD  (11 targets)
Brown 2 receptions allowed, 28 yards (5 targets)
Fletcher 4 receptions allowed, 65 yards (5 targets)

Butler is most likely to draw Watkins in coverage, but the receiver should find success against any of the corners above. Don't be surprised if the Bills get Watkins involved on their first offensive passing play of the game. Safety help could limit Tyrod Taylor in targeting Watkins deep on Sunday, but if Watkins gets one-on-one coverage, Taylor will target him down the field. Even without the deep ball, Watkins could be heavily involved in the screen game, and on short-to-intermediate passes. By the time the final whistle blows, Watkins will be over 100 yards receiving.

2. Karlos Williams receives more carries than LeSean McCoy

McCoy left practice on Thursday due to his hamstring injury. The running back experienced some soreness, which isn't uncommon with hamstring injuries, but the team still expects him to go on Sunday. While I envision McCoy suiting up for the Bills, don't be surprised if his snaps and carries are limited. For that reason, I see Williams getting the bulk of the carries on Sunday. He impressed in his debut with 55 yards rushing and a touchdown on six carries. On Sunday, look for Williams to possibly triple his carries from Week 1. In doing so...

3. Karlos Williams goes over 100 total yards on Sunday

I'm all aboard the Williams hype train. In fact, throw a conductor hat on my head because I'm leading the way. In terms of rushing yards alone, it wouldn't shock me to see Williams go over 100 yards. After seeing DeAngelo Williams pick up yards with ease against the Patriots, there's no doubt that Williams can do the same. In addtiion to rushing the ball, Williams will get involved in the passing game. 

New England may be aggressive in pressuring Taylor on Sunday and the quarterback's best friend could be getting the ball to his back in the flat and on screens. On Sunday, Buffalo's fifth round pick goes over 100 total yards.

4. Stephon Gilmore makes up for his missed interception in Week 1

Gilmore had a gimme fall through his hands in Week 1. Against the Patriots, he makes up for the drop by intercepting Tom Brady on a pass intended for Rob Gronkowski. The cornerback hopes to cover the tight end in Week 2 and he gets his wish at times on Sunday. With Guinness World Records in attendance, the interception sends Buffalo into a fever pitch that also breaks the record for loudest outdoor stadium.

5. Score Prediction: Bills 27-Patriots 24

I literally flipped a coin for the winner of this game. That's how close I believe the outcome will be on Sunday. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots have dominated the Bills for a long period of time, but Rex Ryan, Greg Roman and Dennis Thurman draw up a game plan that does enough to push Buffalo past the Patriots to a 2-0 start.

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