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The Buffalo Bills barely used any of Greg Roman's offensive game plan in Week 1.

Getting out to a big lead in Week 1 helped the Bills in a variety of ways.

Going up 24-0 against the Indianapolis Colts early in the third quarter had quite a few benefits for the Buffalo Bills

First, it made the Colts offense predictable. Indianapolis had to adandon their run game and become one-dimensional. The Bills were able knew what was coming and made sure that Luck wouldn't beat them deep. The Colts quarterback was able to put together two scoring drives, but those drives took quite a bit of time off the clock. At the end of the day, Buffalo's defense was okay exchanging points for time.

For Buffalo's offense, it meant that the team didn't have to follow through with their entire game plan. Instead, the team watered down their second half offense in an attempt to take time off the clock. One week later, offensive coordinator Greg Roman told BuffaloBills.com that the team didn't come close to using most of its game plan.

“The beautiful thing was we probably only used about 15-17 percent of the game plan,” said Roman of Week 1. “The way the defense and special teams played it allowed us to maybe get another week’s work on some other things that might be valuable moving forward.”

Perhaps some of Buffalo's Week 1 game plan will come into play tomorrow when the team takes on the New England Patriots.

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