SportsCenter was live at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday. Here are some of the best Buffalo Bills signs we saw.

Bills fans are a creative bunch.

SportsCenter was live at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday leading up to this week's AFC East battle between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots. The excitement from the Bills fanbase was apparent and many fans brought their own signs to showcase in the background. Here are some of the best signs we saw on Sunday morning.

Rexing ball

I'll never be able to erase this picture from my memory, but it's funny.

Tom Brady steals WiFi

It's so random that it just works.

What are those?!

You had to know that UGGs were going to come into play on Sunday.

Gronk wears crocs

UGGs are pretty insulting but Crocs are even worse. 

Courtroom Sketch

Someone simply took the Brady courtroom sketch and blew it up. Well played.

Cheaters Win Sometimes and Patriots Logo

SportsCenter's Vine showed the cheaters win sometimes sign and nearby is an altered Patriots logo. The Patriot is holding a video camera in one hand and has a deflated football in the other.

Brady upset

This one didn't make it inside the stadium, but it was apparently hung nearby.

Well done, Bills fans.

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