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Scott Kemper records himself singing the Buffalo Bills Shout! song

Scott Kemper was recently tracked down as the singer of the Buffalo Bills Shout song. Now, Kemper has recorded himself singing the celebratory Bills track.

Anytime the Buffalo Bills score a touchdown at home, Bills fans know what's coming: The Bills Shout song. Oddly enough, the one person who didn't know about it was Scott Kemper, the original singer of the Bills Shout song. 

Kemper, who lives in Indiana, doesn't watch or follow the NFL. He had no idea that people were trying to track him down for some time now. The singer of the Bills Shout song had been a mystery. Finally, the Buffalo News tracked him down. Kemper was stunned to hear that the Bills were using the song to this day. It turns out that he recorded the song back in 1987 for Singer Advertising. Singer was the Bills' agency of record back in 87. Little did he know that the song would still be played today at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Recently, a video of Kemper singing the song was uploaded to YouTube. Watch it here:


Kemper told the News that he hopes to visit Western New York in the near future. When he was asked if he'd perform the song live at Ralph Wilson Stadium, Kemper said, "I hope I can do it." 

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