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The Buffalo Bills own the longest playoff drought in professional sports.

The Bills now own the longest playoff drought in the four major U.S. sports.

Toronto Blue Jays fans have waited 22 years to see their favorite baseball team get back into the playoffs. The wait is now officially over. Last night. the Blue Jays clinched at least a wild card spot after defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 5-3.

That's all well and good for our friends to the North, but in clinching a playoff spot, the Buffalo Bills now own the longest playoff drought among the four major U.S. sports. The Bills haven't appeared in the playoffs since the 1999 NFL season. 

Buffalo hopes that they can pass this title onto another team following the 2015 season. The team certainly has enough talent on both sides of the ball to get the job done. If the Bills do make the playoffs this season, the Seattle Mariners would get the title of longest playoff drought. The Mariners haven't made the playoffs since the 2001 season.

The Bills will look to move to 2-1 on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

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