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Jim Kelly and Dan Marino have a bet on tomorrow's Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins game.

Jim Kelly and Dan Marino have a long standing bet on Bills/Dolphins games.

On the field, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino had quite a rivalry during their respective careers. Off the field, the former quarterbacks of the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins were, and still are, the closest of friends. On Saturday night, Jim's wife Jill shared the following picture of Kelly and Marino.


In the text, Jill mentions that Kelly and Marino's long standing bet remains to this day. If the Bills defeat the Dolphins on the road tomorrow, Marino will send Kelly stone crabs. If the Dolphins win the game, Kelly will owe Marino some chicken wings. Considering the Bills have won three of their last four contests against the Dolphins, it appears that Kelly has been getting his fill of stone crabs. Bills fans hope that continues on Sunday.

It's great to see that the two quarterbacks are still so close to this day. Kelly and Marino will be cheering for different teams on Sunday, but they'll be doing so in each other's company. 

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