Breaking down LeSean McCoy's TD reception

A breakdown of LeSean McCoy's touchdown reception.

The Buffalo Bills embarrassed the Miami Dolphins on Sunday in a 41-14 blowout. Buffalo overwhelmed Miami early by jumping out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter on a 10 yard touchdown reception on 3rd and 5. Here's a look at the formation Buffalo used and why the play worked so well.

Buffalo lined up in a shotgum empty trio formation. LeSean McCoy is featured at the bottom of the screen near Sammy Watkins. At the top of the formation, Buffalo has two receivers and a tight end. Percy Harvin, is at the top of the screen. He started out wide on the play but came into motion and bunched himself with Robert Woods and Charles Clay, who is closest to left tackle Cordy Glenn.

This play was going to McCoy from the start. Taylor took the snap and never looked to his left. The route itself involved Watkins getting into the path of McCoy's man to spring the running back open. Watkins runs out into the flat, which forces McCoy's man to run around Watkins and his defender. Watkins' route is crucial and the receiver needs to be careful to not get called for an illegal pick. This opened things up for McCoy. 

McCoy's route wasn't simply running to the inside. The running back runs straight ahead for three yards which causes Reshad Jones to backpedal. At the eight yard line, McCoy stops and cuts to the inside on a slant. Here's a look at the two routes run:

Watkins runs his route well and McCoy's sudden stop and cut creates quite a bit of separation from Jones.

From there, it was an easy pitch and catch for Taylor to McCoy. While Woods, Clay and Harvin weren't involved in his specific play, the Bills can use this look again to target one of the three pass catchers in the future. It's certainly a formation that the Bills can use over and over again with different routes being run.

After McCoy scored his first touchdown of the season, he celebrated with his quarterback, which you can see here:

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