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How did the Buffalo Bills fare against the three Miami Dolphins to attack?

Earlier in the week, Buffalo Football Report listed three players that the Bills needed to attack. Here's a look at how the Bills fared.

Leading up to the Miami Dolphins game, we highlighted three Dolphins the Buffalo Bills should attack. These three players were seen as weak links that the Bills could find success against. How did the Bills do in these matchups? Here’s a look at the three players who were seen as liabilities and how the Bills fared against them.

CB Brice McCain

It was a really long day for McCain. No player on Miami had a lower defensive grade from Pro Football Focus than McCain (-3.7). On Sunday, Tyrod Taylor targeted the cornerback more than any other player on the field. Ten passes went in McCain’s direction and six of the passes were completed for 100 yards. McCain missed one tackle during the game and allowed 33 yards after the catch. The biggest play he allowed against Buffalo was Sammy Watkins’ 39 yard reception.

CB Jamar Taylor

Taylor wasn’t targeted as many times as McCain, but he was also a liability when targeted. In four targets, Taylor allowed three receptions that went for 75 yards and a touchdown. It was Taylor who allowed Chris Hogan’s touchdown early in the fourth quarter. Taylor finished the game with a -1.0 rating.

OG Dallas Thomas

At the time the article was written, Branden Albert’s status for the game was up in the air. Jason Fox would have received the nod here if it was known that he’d be starting, but Thomas was another liability on Miami’s offensive line. Thomas was given a -2.9 grade from PFF after allowing three quarterback hurries and one quarterback hit. The offensive guard was also called for a penalty during the game. Thomas and Fox really struggled on the left side of Miami’s line throughout the game which made life easier for Buffalo’s defense.

It’s fair to say that the Bills won all three of these matchups in Week 3. 

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