Coughlin said Bills would beat themselves

Tom Coughlin predicted that Buffalo's lack of discipline would be their downfall

The Buffalo Bills have a penalty problem. If you've watched the team at all this season, you know that the team takes their fair share of bad penalties that effectively stall drives, wipe away points or keeping other team's offenses on the field. 

Tom Coughlin, head coach of the NY Giants, knew that Buffalo has trouble staying disciplined on the field and it turns out that he predicted that penalties would be Buffalo's downfall. According to Dan Graziano of ESPN, Coughlin told Giants players that the Bills would beat themselves with penalties.

It turns out that Coughlin proved that he knew what he was talking about. The Bills had two touchdowns wiped away by penalties and numerous drives extended for the Giants due to undisciplined play. 

It's pretty apparent that the Bills have a reputation around the league early this season for being undisciplined. Until that changes, coaches will bank on the Bills hurting themselves on the field with foolish penalties. 

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