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Justin Pugh of the Giants said the Bills didn't mind getting penalties late in Sunday's game

According to Justin Pugh, the Bills didn't mind getting penalized late in Sunday's game.

It was apparent that the Buffalo Bills were frustrated late during Sunday's game. The team had been flagged multiple times but more importantly, the defense allowed three Eli Manning touchdown passes. According to Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh, the Bills didn't mind drawing 15 yard penalties late in the game. Here is what Pugh had to say:

"They were saying it was over out there," Pugh said. "On that last drive, their defense was kind of like, when they were getting penalties, they were like, This game is over anyway.' That is kind of how it was. It was kind of crazy out there that last drive. Mayhem. Refs yelling at players, players yelling at refs."

Mayhem seems to be the correct term to describe that late drive. Amazingly, Buffalo didn't allow the Giants to score after drawing two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and one unnecessary roughness penalty late in the game. Stephon Gilmore's interception at the one yard line stopped the drive.

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