A Kraig Urbik hold brought back a Tyrod Taylor TD. Did the Bills OG commit a hold on the play?

Kraig Urbik was called for a holding penalty on a 31 yard touchdown run by Tyrod Taylor. Was the guard guilty of holding?

The Buffalo Bills had two touchdowns wiped away by penalties against the New York Giants. The first call was a holding penalty on Kraig Urbik that negated a 31 yard Tyrod Taylor touchdown run. Was the flag justified? You be the judge.

In the video above, Giants defensive tackle Jay Bromley gets pushed past Taylor on the play. As Bromley turns around, Urbik appears to let go of the tackle and that's when the flag is thrown. It's certainly a call that could have gone either way, but now you have the chance to chime in. Join us in the forum and share your thoughts on this specific play.

Do you feel like Urbik was guilty of holding? Was it a ticky-tack penalty or an obvious penalty? Would this touchdown have changed the momentum of the game, in your opinion? Chime in  and share your thoughts and opinions on the play here: http://www.scout.com/nfl/bills/forums/1701-rockpile/14157130-you-be-the-...

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