Stiff Arm Rashad Jennings vs Fred Jackson

Who gave the better stiff arm? Rashad Jennings vs Bacarri Rambo, Fred Jackson vs Chris Conte?

If you're a fan of the NFL, you're a fan of the "Stiff-Arm." There's something special about watching one of your favorite team's players strike a defender to the ground as they run up and down the field. In the last two seasons, I've seen two stiff-arms that just have to make the all decade highlight reel. Here are the two I am talking about. Let's figure out which one is best...

Exhibit A: Rashad Jennings vs Baccari Rambo

Running back Rashad Jennings flat out embarassed Buffalo Bills safety Bacarri Rambo (who filled in for the injured Aaron Williams) in the NY Giants 24-10 week four road victory. Rambo didn't seem unsure of what to do when he closed in on Jennings. Instead of knocking him out of bounds or wrapping him up to make a tackle, he awkwardly put his body in front of Jennings, only to be tossed aside like that 2 inch sunfish you caught after fishing for 6 hours last weekend. The play came on a 51 yard touchdown reception to put the game out of reach for the Bills. Chances are you've seen the play over and over again on ESPN, a Vine retweeted by about 20 people you follow on twitter, and a .gif file in that group text that simply wont die.

You have a life, you say? You were too busy to be on twitter? I'll assume your boss and/or significant other is monitoring your online activity and excuse the momentary lapse of honesty. But just in case, here it is again:

Exhibit B: Fred Jackson vs. Chris Conte

When Chris Conte was a safety with the Chicago Bears, he had Fred Jackson lined up for a game saving tackle. And then he got pulverized. Not only did Fred Jackson give Conte the stiff-arm of stiff-arms, he leveraged his momentum into a stiff-armed battering ram, knocking Conte into the turf for all eternity.

Lets Review:

Rashad Jennings ran farther and also ended up in the end zone. Fred Jackson was forced out of bounds by another player just short of the goal line. So on those terms there is a small advantage to Jennings. However, Chris Conte at least attempted something resembling a tackle on Jackson, and was bulldozed and run over. Bacarri Rambo on the other hand never seemed to know just quite what to do against Rashad Jennings. And while Rambo just sort of ran up to Jennings and apparently expected him to somehow stop running, Conte attempted to make a physical movement that actually resembled a tackle, not once, but twice. Rambo was simply cast aside; Conte was mashed like a potato. 

The Verdict:

Based on the level of opposition faced and neutralized, I'm declaring Fred Jackson the winner of the Stiff-Arm title by the slimmest of margins. Jennings had a great run, but Jackson was in-Fred-ible.

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