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The Buffalo Bills are trying to fix their penalty problems with pushups.

Drop and give Rex 10.

Rex Ryan wants to get Buffalo's penalty problem under control. After four weeks, the Bills lead the NFL with 47 penalties called, resulting in 428 penalty yards. Referees have been flag happy this season, especially when it comes to Bills games. Ryan wants his players to be accountable to one another, so at practice the Bills head coach is attempting a method that's been used for many years: Push-ups.

On Wednesday, Ryan spoke with the media and said the following on his new method. 

"If a guy gets a penalty during practice, we're all doing 10 push-ups," Ryan said. You can listen to Ryan's full press conference here: Ryan has the Bills doing push-ups for penalties.

There's no telling if the method will work for the Bills, but at this point anything is worth a shot. Buffalo needs to find a way to be more disciplined on the field and perhaps push-ups at practice with resonate with the squad. 

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