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Random Predictions: Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals Week Six

The 5-0 Bengals are headed to Buffalo to take on the 3-2 Buffalo Bills. Here are my random predictions...

Will Tyrod Taylor suit up on Sunday? Will LeSean McCoy play? Will it matter? Will the Buffalo Bills stop embarrassing noted iron man Sammy Watkins and throw the ball at him 40 times a game? These are questions that have kept you awake as the 5-0 Cincinnati Bengals prepare to take on the 3-2 Buffalo Bills. Here are my random predictions...

E.J. Manuel will play QB

No Rex Ryan smokescreen here. Taylor suits up for the Bills, but Manuel starts the game.

EJ will be aggressive because he has nothing to lose

He's going to throw it to Robert Woods. He's going to throw it to Sammy. He's even going to throw it to Marquise Goodwin. And he's going to throw it to the Bengals defense. 250+ yards, 2 TD, 2 INT. He wants a shot in Roman's offensive scheme, and to get the attention of all 32 NFL GM's. 

Goodwin sighting on its way 

He and EJ were building chemistry before injuries and Doug Marrone benching. Oh yeah, remember Doug Marrone? He liked to punt.

Watkins will be targeted early and often

100 yards and a TD. Unless he doesn't play. But he kind of has to, right? I mean, after all the talk?

Shady will have 100 combined yards rushing/receiving and show no signs of injury

Until he pops up as questionable next week. And the rest of the season. You know this to be true. Just Billieve. 

The Bills will play disciplined ball

Less penalties. But still too many against the second hottest team in the AFC.

The Bengals win, 31-23

Bills fans are going to hate me for this. But it is what it is.

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