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Crikey! Boom Herron had his flags mixed up on Twitter in regards to where the Buffalo Bills were playing on Sunday.

Boom Herron mistakenly tweeted that he was on his way to Australia on Sunday.

Buffalo Bills running back Dan 'Boom' Herron updated his Twitter on Sunday night to indicate that the team was on their way to London. The only problem was that Herron used the wrong emoji flag. Here's a look at what Herron tweeted.


Crikey! The Bills running back accidentally used the Australian flag in his tweet, instead of England's flag. Needless to say, Herron heard all about it. 

https://twitter.com/BuffaloWins/status/656141026277654528 https://twitter.com/chrishooker9/status/656142948413894656 https://twitter.com/BradleyGelber/status/656154841161584640

The Bills running back has since deleted the tweet, but he acknowledged Bills fans who were giving him a hard time.


London may not be the home of Crocodile Dundee or shrimp on the barbie, but we're sure that Herron will have a good stay in the UK. 

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