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Yahoo has promised their advertisers that 3.5 million viewers would tune in for the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars game.

Yahoo has made a big promise to advertisers for tomorrow's game according to Business Insider.

Unless you live in the Buffalo or Jacksonville market, tomorrow's game can only be streamed on Yahoo. According to a Business Insider article, Yahoo! has promised advertisers a large number of viewers for the game.

"On Tuesday, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told analysts that the company sold all of its ad spots for the game, but reports from Reuters and others indicated that spots were being sold for less than half the $200,000 Yahoo initially asked for from advertisers earlier this year. Additionally, Adweek reported that Yahoo has guaranteed advertisers at least 3.5 million streams."

Is 3.5 million viewers possible for tomorrow's game? Absolutely, but it could be a stretch. The Buffalo Bills sit at 3-3 and the Jacksonville Jaguars are 1-5. Tomorrow's game certainly isn't a clash of the titans and casual NFL fans may decide against watching the game online. 

Tomorrow's game will make history as it's the first game that will be aired on a digital-only outlet (minus local markets), but there's no guarantee that Yahoo will get the numbers that they promised to advertisers. 

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