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Here's how you can stream the Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars on your TV...

If you live outside the Buffalo area, and you aren't what we would describe as "well versed" with computers, you can still get the Buffalo Bills game on your TV...

The Buffalo Bills are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars in London. But outside of the Buffalo TV market, the game is available only through Yahoo streaming. Many of you have zero desire to watch the game on that old laptop, and your local sports bar isn't serving alcohol during the game. Before you curl up in the fetal position staring at tiny players playing on your old iPhone 4S, I want you to know, there's hope! At least, for some of you. Here's how you can see the game on a full size TV...

An XBox 360 or XBox One That's right, all you dads who bought your kids a game console are about to cash in on your investment. Log in and download the Yahoo! app, then update it. There NFL Streaming window will be front and center, in all its HD glory. Sorry Playstation disciples, once again Microsoft has something you can't get on your PS3/PS4. You still have time to go to Wal-Mart and buy your kids an XBox. Your spouse might not understand, but your kids will think you're a hero at least for a week or two.

Your Computer Duh. Go to the Yahoo website and stream the game. Simple.

Apple TV/Roku/Amazon Fire You can go buy a Roku for like $50 right now. Same as the XBox, you download the app and just watch the game. So easy. You'll need to connect it to the internet.

Your Phone or Tablet Use the Yahoo Sports App or just go to the Yahoo website on your phone or ipad or whatever knock of brand you purchased. Tumblr is also owned by Yahoo now so that should work.

If you don't own one of these devices, and you're too cozy in your bed to go get one, you don't deserve to watch the game, now do you?

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