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Nickell Robey called out NFL referees after the Buffalo Bills lost 34-31 to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Nickell Robey was called for a pass interference penalty late in the game on Sunday.

If any Buffalo Bills player has the right to be angry, it's cornerback Nickell Robey.

Late in Sunday's game, after the Bills had comeback to take the lead over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo's defense had the Jaguars on the ropes. On 3rd-and-15, Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles attempted a pass to wide receiver Bryan Walters. The throw was off and Robey attempted to make a play on the ball. No contact was made between Robey and Walters, yet a flag came in on the cornerback for pass interference. Instead of 4th-and-15, the Jaguars were given an automatic first down. Two plays later, the Jaguars scored a touchdown and took the lead for good.

After the game, Robey was furious and he took to Twitter.


In addition to the tweet above, Robey also retweeted multiple people who agreed with him that the play was no where close to a penalty. While Robey has every right to be angry as it was a poor call, the NFL doesn't like to see players calling out the referees. It will be interesting to see if the cornerback receives a fine for his very public display of displeasure. 

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