Garret Wolowski

The Buffalo Bills are expected to wear all red on Thursday Night Football against the New York Jets. Here's an idea of how it may look.

Here's an early idea of what Buffalo's all red uniform will look like on Thursday Night Football.

Last night, it was announced that the Buffalo Bills would be involved in a color rush when the team takes on the NY Jets in Week 10 on Thursday Night Football. A press release stated the following about the color rush:

"Color Rush offers a new way for NFL teams to unify their fans and communities around a current or historic color that will come to life in the new Color Rush uniforms. A sampling of the uniforms will be featured in four games this season, beginning with Jets-Bills at MetLife Stadium on Nov. 12. The full lineup will be unveiled by all teams in 2016.

Players' uniforms will be flooded with color as they are draped from jerseys to cleats in one of the team's current or historic colors."

The release added that the full uniform would be unveiled the Thursday night before each game. That means, Buffalo's uniform will be officially unveiled on November 5. It's interesting to note that the press release said each team would be "draped from jerseys to cleats" in one color. That means Buffalo would be wearing all red against New York. Here is one image that was released for the Bills last night.

Garret Wolowski, a graphic designer, took this image and photoshopped a picture of Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor in all red to give fans an idea of what Buffalo's uniforms may look like on Thursday Night Football.

Wolowski's outstanding work probably comes very close to what the entire uniform will look like in Week 10. What do you think, Bills fans? Share your thoughts with us in the forums.

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