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Buffalo Bills HC Rex Ryan had the perfect response to New York Jets safety Calvin Pryor on Tuesday

Rex Ryan and Calvin Pryor had a back-and-forth exchange at Ryan's press conference on Tuesday.

Rex Ryan met with the media on Tuesday and came out in a Clemson Tigers helmet. Rex's son, Seth Ryan, is a receiver for the Tigers so it's understandable that Ryan is excited about the team being the No. 1 ranked team in the nation. Current New York Jets safety Calvin Pryor felt that Ryan was seeking attention by his actions. Using his Twitter handle, star_island25, Pryor tweeted:

"The guy does anything for attention."

Buffalo reporters were notified about Pryor's tweet and mentioned it to Ryan. The Buffalo Bills head coach had the perfect response when told of Pryor's tweet.

"He's right," said Ryan. "What else am I going to do? Just stand up here and whatever? I've got attention, but I've got it in the right spot. He's mad because Clemson put it on Louisville again this year."

Pryor, a former player at Louisville, seemed to enjoy the response from Ryan and later tweeted out, "Ha."

It's not exactly a war of words, but Ryan and Pryor made Tuesday's press conference even more interesting.

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