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Kevin Gilbride is skeptical of Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor

Former Bills OC Kevin Gilbride is skeptical of QB Tyrod Taylor.

Ty Dunne of the Buffalo News had a terrific interview with former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. Dunne talked to Gilbride to get his insights on how to defeat Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. In his coaching career, Gilbride actually had a winning record against Belichick going 11-7, so Dunne wanted to pick Gilbride's brain about defeating the Patriots. In the interview, Gilbride talks about how he found success against New England, but the former coach was skeptical about whether Tyrod Taylor could beat the Patriots.

Gilbride noted that Taylor is an extraordinary athlete but mentioned that Taylor rarely throws the ball on time.

“I don’t see him throwing the ball a lot on time,” Gilbride said. “He scrambles and gives those guys a chance to make second moves and then he throws the ball. So it’s fairly easy to complete passes. Belichick is going to make him beat him by throwing the ball deep. I would think."

Gilbride added that he felt Taylor was "awful" against the Giants earlier in the season, but also said Taylor looked "pretty good" against the Dolphins. Then Gilbride went back to criticizing Taylor's timing:

"Even on those deep balls to Watkins, it’s not like he threw it on time. He waited, he waited and then, OK, now he threw it. He may be a four-year guy but he’s a first-year guy in terms of getting experience."

Despite the criticism of Taylor, Gilbride noted that Taylor's game reminded him a bit of a young Mark Brunell.

“When he was confused, he took off,” Gilbride said. “And I think Buffalo’s guy can do that.”

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