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Rex Ryan stated that the aggressive defense the Buffalo Bills displayed on MNF is here to stay.

Buffalo's aggressive defense is here to stay according to Rex Ryan

One of the biggest problems with the Buffalo Bills this season has been the inconsistent play of their defense. Early in the season, Rex Ryan's defenses had their fair share of struggles. In fact, many people would say that Buffalo's defense didn't look like a true Rex Ryan defense. That changed on Monday Night Football. The Bills were more aggressive. They attacked Tom Brady throughout the evening and Pro Football Focus credited Buffalo's defense with 17 quarterback hurries, nine quarterback hits and one sack. 

After seeing the success that Buffalo's defense had against New England, Bills fans hoped that Buffalo's aggressive defense would stay for the remainder of the season. On Wednesday, Rex Ryan said that the defense the Bills displayed on Monday night will be the defense the team uses for the rest of the season.


Buffalo has two crucial matchups in the next two weeks against the Chiefs and Texans. If Buffalo's defense can frustrate Alex Smith and Brian Hoyer, the team has a legitimate chance of winning both games. As the team fights for a playoff spot, it appears that Ryan has finally figured out what works best with the talent on the roster.

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