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Buffalo Bills cornerback Nickell Robey was incorrectly called for pass interference on Sunday

For the second time this season, Nickell Robey was incorrectly called for pass interference.

Nickell Robey was called for pass interference in the second quarter of Sunday's game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs. It turns out that this was the incorrect call.

Robey was notified by one of his coaches that the play was incorrectly called.


The pass interference call resulted in a gain of 25 yards for the Chiefs. On the next play, Alex Smith connected with Jeremy Maclin on a 41 yard touchdown. There's no telling how the drive would have played out if Robey had not been called for pass interference. That said, Robey told Ty Dunne of the Buffalo News that he plans to continue to play with the same aggressiveness. 


This is the second time that Robey has been incorrectly called for pass interference. The first time was late in the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bills were leading 34 to 31 at the time and the Jaguars were facing a 3rd and 15 situation. An errant pass from Blake Bortles to Bryan Walters fell to the turf but Robey was called for pass interference. Replays showed that Robey didn't make contact with Walters and was simply making a play on the ball. Instead of facing a 4th and 15 situation with the game on the line, the Jaguars were given new life. Two plays later, Jacksonville scored the game-winning touchdown.

Two incorrectly called pass interference penalties against Robey have helped opposing teams put 14 points on the board. Oddly enough, both incorrectly called penalties came from Terry McAulay's crew. It's safe to say that Robey would be happy if McAulay's crew didn't officiate another Bills game this year. 

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