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4 Thoughts on the Four Falls of Buffalo

The Four Falls of Buffalo did a great job of remembering one of the greatest teams in NFL history.

Buffalo Bills fans huddled around their television sets on Saturday night to watch the 30 for 30 on the team, The Four Falls of Buffalo. After watching the documentary, I personally was left feeling very proud of that team and their fan base. While there’s plenty to be said about The Four Falls of Buffalo here are a few things that I personally loved about the 30 for 30 documentary.

Bills fans

The team had lost their first Super Bowl after Scott Norwood missed a 47 yard field goal. In the days that followed, Buffalo held a rally for the team and the turnout was phenomenal. During the rally, a chant of “We want Scott” began and before long everyone was chanting it. Bills fans showed support to their kicker who was clearly hurting after missing a field goal. It was the definition of class on the part of the fans.

Fast forward to the world we live in today. I simply can’t envision an entire city supporting one of their players in this fashion. We live in an age where players receive threatening messages on social media after missed plays. That moment in the documentary stuck with me more than anything else.


Scott Norwood rarely does media appearances these days and after seeing him last night I understand why. Norwood still carries that loss with him today. He had trouble getting through a sentence without choking up or tearing up. It was painful to see how much one moment in his career still haunts him. Norwood is loved by Bills fans and hopefully the documentary gave Norwood the closure he truly deserves.

In addition to Norwood himself, it was great to hear about the support that he received from teammates back then and how they still defend him today. As the players said, that Super Bowl never should have come down to a last second kick. The Bills were a superior team on paper but came into the game a bit too loose. Passes were dropped, tackles were missed and poor throws were made along the way. Norwood wasn’t the only player who made a mistake in that game.

Interesting tidbits

Every fan knew about Thurman Thomas’ helmet coming up missing during the opening two plays of Super Bowl XXVI. However, the documentary revealed that someone in Harry Connick, Jr.’s band moved the helmet before their performance leading up to the game. It was an interesting note and made you wonder what could have been. Kenneth Davis ran in the wrong direction on the second play of the game and Jim Kelly had to run with the ball for a few yards. The documentary showed the running lane that was available and Thomas certainly could have taken it to the house it seems. If the Bills jump out to a lead that quickly, there’s no telling what it does for the team emotionally.

Don Beebe

Everyone remembers Beebe preventing Leon Lett from scoring a touchdown in Buffalo’s blowout loss to the Cowboys, but it was great to hear Beebe’s comments on what Ralph Wilson Jr. said to him after the game, as well as hearing about all of the positive messages that Beebe received from Bills and Cowboys fans following the game.

In addition to that moment, it was great for the documentary to show Beebe winning the Super Bowl with the Packers and getting the ball from Brett Favre. In a moment that should have been pure jubilation for Beebe, he admitted that he felt guilt.

Here was a player who felt guilty for winning a Super Bowl because he couldn’t share that moment with his Bills teammates or Buffalo fans.

Truly, I could write all day about this tremendous documentary. It was great to hear from former players and see footage of the team’s heyday. Most of all, it was great to hear the respect that those teams have earned over the years from people who weren’t in the locker room. Yes, jokes will still be made about losing four consecutive Super Bowls, but most people look at that team and recognize their greatness.

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