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LeSean McCoy hung up on Chip Kelly this week

Chip Kelly attempted to reach out to LeSean McCoy this week but the Bills running back hung up on Kelly.

Everyone knows that LeSean McCoy was not happy with the fact that his trade in the offseason was made public before he ever heard from Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles. By the time the Eagles head coach contacted McCoy, the running back was already informed of the trade and wouldn’t answer Kelly’s calls. Kelly recognized that he made a mistake in not contacting McCoy and said the following to the media this week:

"I know he was pissed, and he should be pissed, rightly so," Kelly said.

To Kelly’s credit, the Eagles head coach attempted to call McCoy this week according to Jeff McLane of The Philadelphia Inquirer. McLane noted that Kelly called McCoy on Tuesday, but it didn’t go well:

He tried again on Tuesday, according to sources with knowledge of the call. McCoy didn't recognize the number and answered. When Kelly identified himself, McCoy hung up.

This week, the Buffalo Bills running back let it be known that he had no plans of shaking Kelly’s hand before or after the game and that he stood by all of the comments that he’s made in regards to Kelly.

Perhaps McCoy will surprise us all on Sunday and shake hands with Kelly but it seems he wasn’t quite ready to talk with Kelly over the phone.


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