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Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles Halftime Thoughts

The Buffalo Bills trail the Philadelphia Eagles at halftime.

The Buffalo Bills find themselves trailing the Philadelphia Eagles at halftime. Why are the Bills trailing? What's gone well? What's gone poorly? Here's a look at some halftime thoughts.

Taylor missing some running opportunities

Tyrod Taylor has missed some running opportunities on Sunday. There have been times where the Bills QB could have picked up a first down on the ground but he's instead opted to pass the ball. In most scenarios, the passes haven't paid off for the Bills. In the second half, Taylor needs to show more of a willingness to run with the ball. He does have 26 yards rushing on four carries at halftime but could have much more.

Going for the big play too often

Taylor has been a phenomenal deep ball passer this year and it was evident again on Sunday when he connected with Sammy Watkins for a long touchdown. However, since then the deep ball hasn't been there for Taylor. He missed a wide open Watkins on one play and had some poor throws to the likes of Chris Hogan and LeSean McCoy. 

While Taylor shouldn't go completely away from the deep ball, he's had some players running open on the attempts that could have moved the chains.

Thigpen fumbles and defense collapses

Marcus Thigpen had a brutal fumble in the first half on a punt that gave the Eagles the ball on Buffalo's side of the field. The Eagles then drove themselves back with some holding penalties but Bradford was able to find Nelson Agholor for a 53-yard touchdown. That touchdown came on 2nd and 26. Special teams and the defense let the Bills down on the drive.


No shocker here. The Bills have been called for six penalties in the first half for 40 yards. They'll need to clean up their mistakes on both sides of the ball if they hope to defeat the Eagles and stay in the playoff picture.

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