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The Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills are the most disappointing teams of 2015 and they play each other this Sunday.

The Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills are the unquestioned biggest disappointments of the 2015 NFL season. The two teams play one another this Sunday, December 27th.

As the 2015 NFL season comes to a close, two teams stand out as the biggest disappointments: The Buffalo Bills and the Dallas Cowboys

I’ve had December 27th circled on my calendar for a long time. This is the Sunday the Cowboys fly to Buffalo to take on the Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. In August, I knew this was the Sunday that would determine playoff spots and home field advantage for both teams. I just knew it.

In August, the Cowboys looked ready to dominate the weak NFC East, after being one “catch” away from… well, you know. The team would have the best O-line of the decade, with a hungry Tony Romo under center ready to break records with Dez Bryant. The defense would build off their breakout 2014 season, and the team was going to go 14-2, maybe 15-1. Nobody in the NFC was going to deny them a Super Bowl this year. Nobody.

And the Bills? They were ready to finally overcome the New England Patriots and win the AFC East. New head coach Rex Ryan was rolling around the Buffalo area in his custom Bills logo pickup, bringing a new swagger to a city and an offense beefed up with names like LeSean McCoy, Charles Clay, and Tyrod Taylor.  And the defense? They were one of the league’s best in 2014, and with Rex at the helm, we were looking at the second coming of the 1999 Baltimore Ravens, or the 1985 Chicago Bears. I mean, with guys like Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Marcell Dareus, and Jerry Hughes attacking opposing quarterbacks for 16 games, what could possibly go wrong?

And there it was: Sunday, December 27th. Dallas at Buffalo, for the game of the year.

To say these teams have disappointed their fans is an understatement. For the Cowboys, Tony Romo has been injured, and then re-injured. The offensive line has been fairly offensive this year, and the tandem of running backs haven’t been as effective as DeMarco Murray was a season ago. I can't handle discussing the Cowboys quarterback situation. Or Greg Hardy. Or Jerry Jones. Not today. Dez Bryant has been injured, Jason Witten is another year older, and head coach Jason Garrett has been as noticeable on the sidelines as that faceless mannequin we all pass in the mall while we cut through a department store trying to remember which exit is the side we parked our car on. Oh, and the Cowboys defense? Just bad.

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Where would I start to describe the Buffalo Bills? This is an incredibly talented roster on paper. The Bills showed a lot of promise on both sides of the ball in 2014 but needed a better leader than the mercurial Doug Marrone who quit on the team and notified his players via group text message… allegedly. But the current coaching staff seems more interested in fitting 53 men and their individual talents into predetermined roles. Cookie cutter. This is a problem. Rex Ryan is trying to run a defense against opposing offenses in 2015 with a cookie cutter scheme that worked in the mid to late 1990’s. I'll stop there for now.

Oh I can go into detail on the misery dispensed by both teams on their corresponding fanbase, but it is close to Christmas, and you and I can only handle so much disappointment for a day. So for today, Bills fans and Cowboys fans can look at each other with a knowing nod: both of your teams are a disappointing disaster in 2015. Tomorrow we get to talk about why…

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